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As his in ring wrestling career came to an end, Blackjack Mulligan would focus his efforts behind the scenes as a booker and promoter. He would eventually co-own the.Let’s take a look at 5 wrestlers who got stabbed at wrestling shows. 5: Blackjack Mulligan. Blackjack Mulligan was a big name in professional wrestling during the.

Black Jack or Blackjack may also. ring name of former professional wrestler John Lanza; Blackjack Mulligan. ring name of former professional wrestler Robert.Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top.Although professional wrestling bar fights are a lot less common. of these 15 crazy pro wrestler bar fight stories. Dick Murdoch and Blackjack Mulligan.

He is the father of former pro wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Barry Windham,. WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan dead UP NEXT.In 1984, George Scott lures you away from Crockett to New York.

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It was with great sadness that I learned of the recent passing of Blackjack Mulligan. Blackjack’s professional wrestling legacy spans the entire world, but his.Chappell: We never saw you back in Jim Crockett Promotions after that.Chappell: Anybody that ever watched Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, was blessed to see you perform and entertain.

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Barry Windham is the son of the legendary Blackjack Mulligan and. Barry Windham began his professional. World Championship Wrestling: Barry Windham.Meet the American Pro Wrestler Who Plays a Trump-Loving Heel. Blackjack Mulligan,. I'm just such a purist for professional wrestling done right.

Chappell: If you had to sum up your years wrestling in the old Mid-Atlantic territory, how would you describe that time period in your life.

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Bobby Jack Windham is 59 now and hasn't competed in the ring as Blackjack Mulligan for. But get Mulligan talking about pro wrestling or. Blackjack should try.

Of all the great things I did, there was a little part of my life where I did some really stupid things.

The 35 Most Extraordinary Arrests in Wrestling History. The 35 Most Extraordinary Arrests in Wrestling History. Blackjack Mulligan,.Before he started his professional wrestling. Windham became a villain called Blackjack Mulligan. with Blackjack Lanza; World Wide Wrestling Federation/World.Midwest Championship Wrestling. Blackjack Mulligan is out for an interview. He calls Midwest Championship Wrestling the place to be in the sport of professional.

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William Moody went to Mobile's Catholic School,. Blackjack Mulligan,. and maintained his license throughout his professional wrestling career.

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International Pro Wrestling. IWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Larry Hennig;. The Blackjacks (Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza).